The Love Solution

The Love Solution is a charming story of two sisters and their romantic pitfalls and close friendship following the death of their parents when they were teens. Sarah, the oldest sister, finds out she’s pregnant and catches her boyfriend, Niall, cheating on the same day. Heartbroken, and at risk of losing her home and jewelry workshop, she turns to her sister Molly for help. Molly, a young scientist, hopelessly in love with her lab partner and boss, Ewan, has invented a chemical fondly known as the “Love Bug”. Sarah begs Molly to help her use the love bug on Niall to get him back, and hijinks ensue.

This was a very light and cute read. I did put it down a few times before I really got into it, but once I did I really enjoyed it. I particularly liked the character of Sarah. She finds herself in very unfortunate circumstances and still tries to make the best of it. I felt very sympathetic towards her struggle. Molly was also a relatable character but I didn’t personally relate to her personality or circumstances as much as Sarah.

I would recommend The Love Solution to anyone in need of a light read that isn’t necessarily a romance.


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