Life’s Accessories

Life’s Accessories is a hilarious and touching memoir. Told through a series of stories, each centered around a different accessory in the Lesser’s life, it paints a brilliant and intimate portrait of her life. From signet rings to happy scarves, to Tiffany lockets and Kate Spade bags, she structures her anecdotes around various accessories in her life, some more deeply personal than others.

I devoured this book in an afternoon. It’s short, only 150 pages, but the content is substantial and profound. I found myself laughing, crying, and shaking my head in agreement over some of the statements. My favorite sections were on the importance of summer camp (centered around the Color war Captains necklace), and being a new mother (eternity bands). It’s personal but also relatable, because don’t we all have memories we associate with pieces of jewelry or a clothing item. 


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