Incredibly poignant and deeply relevant, Followers tackles the boundless impact of social media, and the effect it has on our lives. Set in modern-day New York and futuristic California, it follows Orla, Floss, and Marlow. Orla is a struggling writer whose roommate Florence, “Floss”, is desperate to become famous. Together, the two hatch a plan to launch Floss to stardom, at all costs. Thirty-five years in the future, Marlow is an actress in the reality TV town Constellation, California, where stars are watched 24/7 and fans around the country can follow them online. As the two plots converge around a secret that impacts all three women, the dark truth of it all is slowly revealed.

Deeply imaginative and well thought out, Followers revolves around the influence of fame and the importance and fragility of privacy. It imagines a future that is equal parts terrifying and intriguing. After a catastrophic event known as “the Spill”, the government takes control of the internet. Smartphones are a thing of the past, replaced by “devices”, a chip implanted in the arm that connects directly to the brain. Privacy no longer truly exists, the government now has limitless access to your location and data. 

At times funny, and others deeply dark and disturbing, Followers is a wild ride. It calls into question the influence of social media and the internet, the potential for problems, and the cost of fame.

Thank you to BookishFirst and Graydon House for my review copy!


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