The Player Next Door

The Player Next Door by K.A. Tucker on Kindle

The Player Next Door by K.A. Tucker

Publisher: K.A. Tucker
Publication Date: June 16, 2020
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Amazon / Goodreads / Signed Paperback

Book Review

Scarlett Reed never anticipated coming home to Polson Falls. After her heart was broken in high school by the star quarterback, Shane Beckett, she moved away with the hope of starting anew. But when she’s offered a job at Polson Falls Elementary, and her childhood dream home comes on the market, she takes that as a sign she should move back. It’s the perfect situation until she finds out Shane lives next door, and his son with her high school nemesis is in her class. Scarlett is determined to avoid Shane but that proves to be more of a challenge than she anticipated.

The Player Next Door is told entirely in the first-person from Scarlett’s perspective. I loved this book! This is so much of a lighter, steamier story than the last few books I’ve read from K.A. Tucker. It’s a classic second chance romance, filled with sexual tension, and I loved every minute of it! Scarlett is a great character that you just want to root for. She’s an elementary school teacher and she really cares about her students. 

Thank you to K.A. Tucker and Valentine P.R. for my review copy! All opinions are my own!


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