Last Chance Summer

Last Chance Summer on kindle

Last Chance Summer by Shannon Klare

Publisher: Swoon Reads
Publication Date: July 21, 2020
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance
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Book Review

Alex’s life is spiraling out of control after her best friend is killed in a drunk driving accident. Her parents have tried everything to help her, to no avail. They give her an ultimatum: work as a counselor at a summer camp for troubled youth run by her aunt Lorraine, or go to boarding school. With limited options, Alex chooses camp where she is paired up with veteran camp counselor Grant. Grant thinks Alex is wholly unprepared to be a counselor and begs Lorraine to change his assignment. But as the two get to know each other they soon realize there is more to the other than meets the eye.

This is a classic YA enemies to lovers story set at a summer camp. It has some of my favorite tropes: enemies to lovers, summer romance, summer camp, redemption. I especially loved the summer camp element of the story. My favorite characters were the camper’s in Alex’s cabin, and the pranks and hijinks were the best! My only criticism is that the camp seemed very half-formed. I honestly can’t recall the name and it felt like elements were just pulled out randomly, and some of them seemed thoroughly unrealistic, like the fact that the boys and girls cabins were attached. 

This is definitely a lighter YA story, and quite a quick and fun read. The bulk of the story I read in an afternoon. It is told entirely in the first person from Alex’s perspective. 

Thank you to XPresso Tours, Netgalley, and Swoon Reads for the review copy. All opinions are my own.


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