You Had Me at Hola

ARC copy of You Had Me at Hola by Alexis Daria

You Had Me at Hola by Alexis Daria

Publisher: Avon Books
Publication Date: August 4, 2020
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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Book Review

After a messy breakup lands her in the tabloids, Jasmine Lin Rodriguez decides she needs to get serious about her career. She crafts her “Leading Lady Plan” with three core rules: Leading Ladies don’t end up on tabloid covers, Leading Ladies don’t need a man to be happy, and Leading Ladies do not rebound with their costars. But that’s before she signs on as the leading lady to Carmen in Charge, and meets her new costar, Ashton Suarez. The two have instant chemistry, but with both of their careers a major focus, they decide to keep their relationship private. But how long can they keep things a secret before it threatens to blow up their entire lives?

You Had Me at Hola is such a cozy romance story with solid characters and a thoroughly unique plot. I loved both Jasmine and Ashton as characters. I loved how vulnerable yet self-assured Jasmine was. I really related to her need to have everyone like her and her anxiety when she thought they didn’t. Ashton was wonderful to watch as a dad. He’s so sweet and protective of his son, and watching them together really made me smile.

I totally want to watch the fictional show in the book Carmen in Charge. It’s basically an English-speaking telenovela on Netflix and sounds amazing. 

I felt myself constantly smiling while I was reading this book. It has such a magical feel to it. I didn’t want it to end. Now I just need to read everything else Alexis Daria writes!

Thank you to Avon Books for the review copy! All opinions are my own. 

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