Until I Find You

Until I Find You by Rea Frey paperback book on Christmas tree

Until I Find You by Rea Frey

Publisher:  St. Martin’s Griffin
Publication Date: August 11, 2020
Genres: Mystery/Thriller
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Book Review

Until I Find You focuses on the potentially malicious swap of two similar-looking babies, preying on a blind woman. After a fall in the park, Rebecca wakes up, reaches into her son Jackson’s crib, and lifts a baby she is convinced is not Jackson. No one believes that Rebecca’s baby is anyone but her Jackson, especially given that she’s blind and cannot see the child. But Rebecca knows her son, and this baby is not him. She becomes determined to find her son, no matter the cost.

Until I Find You is told in alternating first-person between Rebecca and Crystal. The two women met in a grief group and became close, bonding over their similar situations having lost both of their husbands. I liked both women and enjoyed their shared friendship.

I had high hopes for this story. The premise intrigued me: a blind woman has her child swapped. But honestly, the best word I could use to describe my feelings on this book would be disappointed. The story could have gone any which way, but overall it fell flat for me. There was a minimal amount of drama and suspense. It was more mommy drama than a suspense novel. The ending was interesting, and fit with the general feel of the novel, but I was disappointed in that too. If you’re looking for a domestic drama, this is the book for you. But if you’re picking this book up thinking it will be a twisty, lightening fast tale of kidnapping, keep looking.

Thank you to St Martin’s Press and Netgalley for the review copy. All opinions are my own.

Synopsis from Goodreads

“In Until I Find You, celebrated author Rea Frey brings you her most explosive, emotional, taut domestic drama yet about the powerful bond between mothers and children…and how far one woman will go to bring her son home.

“”Frey is a rising star in the suspense scene”” – Booklist

2 floors. 55 steps to go up. 40 more to the crib.

Since Rebecca Gray was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease, everything in her life consists of numbers. Each day her world grows a little darker and each step becomes a little more dangerous.

Following days of feeling like someone’s watching her, Bec awakes at home to the cries of her son in his nursery. When it’s clear he’s not going to settle, Bec goes to check on him.
She reaches in. Picks him up.
But he’s not her son.
And no one believes her.

One woman’s desperate search for her son . . .

In a world where seeing is believing, Bec must rely on her own conviction and a mother’s instinct to uncover the truth about what happened to her baby and bring him home for good.

About the Author

Photo of author Rea Frey from Goodreads

Rea Frey is the author of Not Her Daughter, Because You’re Mine, and her upcoming release, Until I Find You.

She is also the founder of Writeway, where aspiring authors become published authors. To learn more, visit reafrey.com or writewayco.com.


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