The Last Goodbye

Photo of The Last Goodbye by Fiona Lucas paperback ARC copy

The Last Goodbye by Fiona Lucas

Publisher: William Morrow
Publication Date: June 8, 2021
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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Book Review

Three years ago, Spencer, Anna’s husband and the love of her life was tragically killed in a car accident. Despite the best efforts of her friends and family to help her move forward, Anna’s still shattered by grief. On New Year’s Eve, she calls Spencer’s old cell phone number, expecting to hear his voicemail, only to hear a new voice. Spencer’s phone number has been assigned to Brody. Brody is not a stranger to grief, and he becomes the first person Anna can talk to that understands her experience. Through her conversations with Brody, Anna can start moving forward. But Brody has secrets that, if exposed, will threaten their relationship.

This is 100% my cup of tea when it comes to books! It has romance, but also depth and complexity. The story centers around grief and the dark place many people struggle to emerge from when a loved one dies. I cried so many tears while reading this story. It’s such a gorgeous narrative. The story alternates perspectives between Anna and Brody. I fell in love with Anna and Brody and their unique stories and situation.

I highly recommend this for fans of Josie Silver, Me Before You, and Dear Emmie Blue.

Thank you to William Morrow for the gifted copy. All opinions are my own.

Synopsis from Goodreads

Poignant, hopeful, and full of emotional power, an unforgettable story in the vein of P.S. I Love You about two people learning to love again after great loss, perfect for fans of Jojo Moyes and Josie Silver.

How can you move on if you can’t let go?

Spencer was the love of Anna’s life: her husband, her best friend, her rock. She thought their love would last forever.

But three years ago, Spencer was tragically killed in an accident and Anna’s world was shattered. How can she ever move on, when she’s lost her soulmate?

On New Year’s Eve Anna calls Spencer’s phone number, just to hear his old voicemail greeting. But to her shock, someone answers…

Brody has inherited Spencer’s old number and is the first person who truly understands what Anna’s going through. As her and Brody’s phone calls become lengthier and more frequent, they begin opening up to each other—and slowly rediscover how to smile, how to laugh, even how to hope.

But Brody hasn’t been entirely honest with Anna. Will his secret threaten everything, just as it seems she might find the courage to love again?

About the Author

Headshot of author Fiona Lucas
Photo by Rose Loakes

Fiona Lucas is an award-winning author of contemporary women’s fiction. She has written heart-warming love stories and feel-good women’s fiction as Fiona Harper for more than a decade. Fiona lives in London with her husband and two daughters.


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