On Location

Photo of Sarah Echavarre Smith's On Location, paperback book

On Location by Sarah Smith

Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: September 21, 2021
Genres: Contemporary Romance

Book Review

Alia Dunn is living her dream. After years of working for the tv channel, Expedition, Alia finally gets to run a travel show showcasing Utah’s national parks. But while Alia is thrilled that her show has gotten the green light, she’s less than enthused with the host the channel has stuck her with. To add insult to injury, her newest crew member is none other than Drew, the guy she had a wonderful date with two weeks before filming, but then ghosted her. Determined to make the best of it, Alia puts her personal feelings for Drew aside. But between her rogue host and her affection for her coworker, Alia is going to have to take some risks for the sake of her career and her love life.

Told in the first person from Alia’s perspective, On Location is largely set in scenic Utah. More than anything it made me want to visit Utah and see all the beautiful national parks. Alia decides she wants to film in Utah because of a trip she took with her grandmother when she was in high school. I love how the show is a tribute to her. It makes it all the more special.

In regards to the romance, it was not my favorite. It’s a bit of a slow burn. It starts with the two meeting in New York but their romantic relationship does not start until well into the book. Drew was a solid love interest, but I didn’t find anything particularly special about him.

The show has a bit of a feminist spin. Alia is met with lots of opposition to her running her show. She is stuck with an indignant, childish host who she has no say in hiring. He increasingly becomes a problem throughout the novel. Without giving too much away, it all comes to a head and I loved the way Alia and the crew handled the conflict.

Thank you to BookSparks, Netgalley, and Berkley for the review copy! All opinions are my own.

Synopsis from Goodreads

Nothing like a rocky start between enemy coworkers stuck together on location to prove that love isn’t just a ploy for ratings—it’s a force of nature.

Alia Dunn has finally gotten her big break. After years of working her way up at TV’s top outdoor travel channel, she gets the green light from network executives to bring her dream project to life: produce a series about Utah’s national parks. It’s a touching tribute to her late apong, who sparked Alia’s passion for travel and the outdoors as a kid.

Alia is thrilled—until she meets her newest crew member, Drew Irons. The same Drew she had the most amazing first date with two weeks ago—who then ghosted her. The same Drew who has the most deliciously thick forearms and who loves second-guessing her every move on set in front of the entire crew. It’s not long before the tension between them turns hotter than the Utah desert in the dead of summer, and their steamy encounters lead to major feelings.

But when the series host goes rogue one too many times, jeopardizing the entire shoot, Alia realizes that she’ll need to organize one hell of a coup to save her show—and she’ll need Drew’s help to do it. It’s the riskiest move she’s ever made. If she pulls it off, she’ll end up with a hit series and her dream guy . . . but if it all goes wrong, she could lose both.

About the Author

Headshot of author Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith is a copywriter-turned-author who wants to make the world a lovelier place, one kissing story at a time. Her love of romance began when she was eight and she discovered her auntie’s stash of romance novels. She’s been hooked ever since. When she’s not writing, you can find her hiking, eating chocolate, and perfecting her lumpia recipe. She lives in Bend, Oregon, with her husband and adorable cat Salem. She is the author of Faker, If You Never Come Back, Simmer Down, and On Location. She is also one half of the romance writing duo Sarah Skye.

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