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Carley Fortune's Every Summer After paperback with similar books

I have always been a huge fan of the childhood friends to lovers trope in romance. So when I picked up Every Summer After in May, I devoured it in a single day! I loved the characters and the gorgeous setting on a lake. As soon as I finished I knew I needed more. So I set out to pull together a list of books with similar vibes. Some of them I’ve read and loved, others are new to me. If you’re like me and also need more after finishing Every Summer After, this list is for you!

Swear on this Life book cover

Swear on this Life
Renee Carlino
Amazon / Goodreads / Bookshop

Emiline is anxious to leave her dark childhood behind, only to find her story played out in a best-selling book by mysterious author, J. Colby. The author can only be Jase, her best friend, and first love who she lost touch with years ago. Furious that he published a one-sided narrative, she sets out to find him. But she is unprepared to learn the truth of what really happened all those years ago.

Up in the Treehouse
K.K. Allen
Amazon / Goodreads 

Four years after a devastating tragedy ruins their relationship, Chloe and Gavin are brought back into each other’s lives. They were best friends until Chloe started dating Gavin’s twin brother Devon. Now, they must come to terms with everything that happened years ago in their childhood treehouse if they want any semblance of a relationship going forward.

Up in the Treehouse book cover
Song of the Fireflies book cover

Song of the Fireflies
J.A. Redmerski
Amazon / Goodreads / Bookshop

Elias and Brayelle have been inseparable since they were kids. When Bray moves to South Carolina the two are separated for the first time. When she moves back to Georgia, the two reunite, until one night and a terrible accident. Desperate to avoid prison, the two go on the run. But the more they run, the more their past threatens to destroy everything they’ve built together.

It Ends With Us
Colleen Hoover
Amazon / Goodreads / Bookshop

Lily left a difficult life in Maine behind to open her own business in Boston. There she meets Ryle, a successful neurosurgeon who is almost too good to be true. But Lily can’t stop thinking about Atlas, her first love from a past she was determined to leave behind. But when Atlas reappears in her life, Lily must decide between her new life with Ryle and her shared history with Atlas.

It Ends With Us book cover
Love, Rosie book cover

Love, Rosie
Cecilia Ahern
Amazon / Goodreads / Bookshop

Alex and Rosie have been best friends since childhood. When Alex’s family suddenly moves to Boston from Dublin, Rosie makes plans to join him for college. But when Rosie gets pregnant, her life shifts completely and she finds all her plans thrown out the window. Rosie and Alex stay in touch through the years via letters and emails. And just when they think all is lost, life has a way of bringing them back together.

More Than Words
Mia Sheridan
Amazon / Goodreads / Bookshop

When Jessica met Callen at eleven years old, she knew she had found her prince. They became a refuge for each other until Callen suddenly disappeared one day. Now, Callen is a famous musician battling his own inner demons. He retreats to France where he is unexpectantly reunited with Jessica.

More Than Words book cover
The History of Us book cover

The History of Us
Jennifer Bardsley
Amazon / Goodreads / Bookshop

Andrea has a simple life in Washington. She spends most of her time visiting her father in a memory-care facility. He is in the late stages of Alzheimer’s but enjoys it when Andrea brings him coins from his extensive collection. One day, her house is broken into and the coins are stolen. Devastated, she turns to Dustin, her high school sweetheart. Years ago they broke each other’s hearts, but now they must work together to find the coins, and hopefully, a way back to each other.

Love and Other Words
Christina Lauren
Amazon / Goodreads / Bookshop

Macy is perfectly happy with how her life is going when she runs into her childhood best friend and first love, Elliot. Years ago, Macy spent every weekend and summer in a vacation home next to Eliot. The two became friends and eventually lovers in their teen years. But one night ruined their relationship forever. But now they have a second chance to get things right once and for all.

Love & Other Words book cover
Someone I Used to Know book cover

Someone I Used to Know
Paige Toon
Amazon / Goodreads 

Leah, George, and Theo were the best of friends in high school. They thought they would always be inseparable, but life got in the way. Now, Leah returns to her hometown with her baby daughter, Emilie, but Theo, the baby’s father, is not with them. Is this the opportunity Leah and George have been waiting for to reconcile past mistakes?

A Lot Like Adios
Alexis Daria
Amazon / Goodreads / Bookshop

Gabe and Michelle grew up next door to each other. They were best friends until the day Gabe left for college without saying goodbye. Now years later, fate reunites Michelle and Gabe in the Bronx. Their relationship is more complicated than ever, but can they resolve past issues so they can be together?

A Lot Like Adios book cover

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