The Overdue Life of Amy Byler

Amy Byler is a school librarian who is raising her two kids on her own after her husband announces he is not coming home from a business trip. Three years later, he return and offers to take their kids for a week, as a way to reconcile with them. Suddenly without responsibilities, Amy heads to New York City for a library conference and ends up staying the summer with an old friend and making over her entire life.

The general tone of the narrator is as if she’s talking to an old friend she knows very well. It’s quick but personal, raw but witty. Each chapter starts with a journal entry from her 16 year old daughter, begrudging the books she has been assigned to read by her mother while she is gone. It’s whimsical and sweet and illustrates their close relationship in a nice way. This was a fun, light, summer read. It would be perfect as a vacation book.

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