Ask Again, Yes


“‘I’ll give you a hint,’ she said, squeezing his hands until he looked up to meet her eyes. ‘Then and now, I say yes.’”

This novel was simply spectacular. It follows two families across five decades, and takes sharp looks at each character at many points in their lives. Written in the third person, each chapter focuses on the perspective of a different character. It is written in a linear timeline but often includes memories spanning the course of the characters lives. Major themes include mental illness, addiction, and forgiveness.

Simply put, I adored this book. I read it on a trip in planes, trains and cars, and I hated having to put it down to continue on my journey.

The characters are dynamic and incredibly relatable. My one criticism was that the character of Peter was much better developed than his female counterpart Kate. Oftentimes Kate felt like a placeholder in a story about Peter and his family, rather than a story of two neighboring families and the relationship between their children. 

Overall it was a beautiful book, and I can’t wait to read other works by Mary Beth Keane. 

Thank you NetGalley and Simon & Schuster for the eARC in exchange for my review. 

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