Red White and Royal Blue

“An hour later, there are several cartons of Chinese food and a Powerpoint cued up. The first slide says: SEXUAL EXPERIMENTATION WITH FOREIGN MONARCHS: A GRAY AREA. Alex wonders if it’s too late to swan dive off the roof.”

This book is absolutely hilarious. At several points I caught myself laughing aloud at the amusing and poignant commentary on American politics and social relations. Written as though the 2016 election went in a different direction, it is both a romance and a wistful view at how politics would be different under different leadership.

It is written in third person, but mainly follows the perspective of Alex Claremont-Diaz, the 22-year old son of the President of the United States. Ever since the Rio Olympics, Alex has despised England’s Prince Henry. After an accident at a royal wedding, and the media circus that follows, Alex and Henry are tasked with crafting a very public, fake friendship. The two end up bonding and what started as fake, becomes something much more real, as the two explore their feelings for each other.

I loved this story. It was both unique and whimsical. The sexual tension and chemistry between Alex and Henry is electric and enthralling, but their relationship is also incredibly sweet. I found myself more than once wishing that this story was reality and not fiction, and that the Claremont administration was really in charge of the country.


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