Things You Save in a Fire

After I heard that Katherine Center was writing another book, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Things You Save in a Fire. I adored How to Walk Away and Get Lucky, and Things You Save in a Fire featured the same elements that I loved from Center’s other works. 

Things You Save in a Fire follows Cassie, a heroic Austin firefighter. After a desperate call for help from her estranged mother, Cassie reluctantly agrees to move to Rockport, Massachusetts. She takes a job in nearby Lillian, at the Lillian Fire Department, where she is not only the only girl, but is actively despised for being the first woman in the department. With the help of the new rookie, she learns to navigate the department and learns about herself in the process. 

The story is told in first person from Cassie’s perspective. Cassie is a great character. She is strong, smart, and incredibly funny. She loves being a firefighter and she’s good at it. She intelligently deals with the sexism and childish antics of the other firefighters in her department, and rises above the drama that they cause her. While Cassie is great, my favorite character by far was Owen, the rookie. He’s immediately accepting of Cassie, never questioning her ability to do the job, and tries to befriend Cassie, even though it makes things harder for him in the firehouse.

When I started the book, I did not know that the story was set in Rockport. Growing up, I spent every summer there, and it has a special place in my heart. That, coupled with the amazing character of Owen, the rookie, and I was immediately sold on the story of Things You Save in a Fire. I flew through this one in two nights and cannot recommend it enough.

Thanks to @netgalley and @stmartinspress for the review copy!

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