Say You Still Love Me

KA Tucker sure knows how to do romance, and she’s picked the perfect setting for this one.

I’ve always loved summer camp stories. There’s something so exciting about the notion of being away from home in the woods with a bunch of other teenagers. Maybe I just have an overly romanticized view of camp because I never went. Say You Still Love Me definitely plays off of this, in the best way.

Say You Still Love Me follows Piper, a 29-year-old working for her father’s real estate company in the city of Lennox. One day she runs into her first-love Kyle in the lobby of her building. Kyle, who Piper has not seen or heard from in 13 years, is working as a security guard for her father’s company, and doesn’t seem to remember Piper. As Piper gets to know this new version of Kyle, she is brought back to the time when she was at Camp Wawa all those years ago.

Told in first person from the perspective of Piper, the story alternates between present day and the summer of 2006 at Camp Wawa. I was incredibly partial to the sequences at Camp Wawa. I found myself anxious to get through chapters in the present tense to get back to the teenage antics at camp. Not that the chapters told in the present tense were bad, they just weren’t as fun.

Both Piper and Kyle were great characters. I loved their story and their romance. I found myself on multiple occasions begrudging the fact that I had to put their story down and get on with my adult life. I wanted so badly to stay in their world with them. I highly recommend Say You Still Love Me to fans of contemporary romances, camp, and second chances.


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