The Rumor

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Rumor as soon as I heard about it. The story of a mother who spreads a rumor about a serial killer living in her town, sign me up!

The Rumor is a very traditional thriller. You aren’t sure who or what to believe. Told in first person from the perspective of Joanna, a young single mother newly returned to her seaside hometown, with commentary from the person we believe to be the killer thrown in every few chapters or so, the tone is incredibly eerie. I both loved and felt frustrated by Joanna. She was both an interesting character, and incredibly stupid. In her search for the truth, she puts herself and her son in danger, though it becomes easier to understand as the story goes on.

I finished the Rumor in about two nights. The chapters were short and succinct, and the story propelled me forward. I simply had to know the truth. I highly recommend it to other thriller lovers, though it may hit close to home to mothers of young children.


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