The Whisper Man

I knew when I started The Whisper Man that the story would be creepy. I was warned by everyone and their mother, from the jacket of the book to every review I encountered. Even still, I don’t think I was adequately prepared for to story that unfolded.

The Whisper Man is every parent’s worst nightmare. He comes to the window of young boys and whispers to them, luring them out of their beds. But the Whisper Man was caught years ago, and yet a new missing boy leads police to suspect someone in his circle.

After the sudden death of his wife, Tom Kennedy moves to the town of Featherbank with his sensitive young son Jake. But as they settle into their new house, strange things begin to happen, starting with Jake hearing whispering outside his window.

It’s told from multiple perspectives in the third person, except for Tom, who narrates his section. It worked surprisingly well for revealing details but also keeping the reader in the dark and on the edge.

I devoured this book. While the creep factor was seriously real, so was the strong writing, interesting characters, and solid plot. It had all the best elements of a good thriller.


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