Wilder Girls

Wilder Girls starts right in the action and slowly reveals itself to you as you read on. It centers around three best friends Hetty, Byatt, and Reese in the aftermath of a quarantine. Sent to the Raxter School for Girls eighteen months ago, Hetty and her friends are now just trying to survive the Tox, the mysterious illness infecting Raxter Island. Without enough food or supplies, the girls try to stay sane while the Tox spreads, killing the girls one by one. But when Byatt disappears, Hetty will do anything to find her. But the deeper she digs, the more disturbing truths she finds.

I devoured this book in one night. Part sci-fi thriller, part heart-warming story of friendship, it pulls the reader deep into the world of Raxter Island. Incredibly fast-paced, it slowly reveals its mysteries to you. It’s told alternating the first-person between Hetty and Byatt. I thoroughly enjoyed both the characters’ viewpoints.

I enjoyed formulating theories about the Tox. Presented as a mysterious illness, it affects each person differently. As cool as it was, it was equal parts horrifying. Just when you thought you figured out what was really going on, it threw you another curveball. While I honestly didn’t find the ending satisfying, I found the rest of the story enjoyable and would definitely recommend it to those who like fast-paced YA.


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