Twice in a Blue Moon

Is there anything quite as dreamy as meeting a cute guy in London? In Twice in a Blue Moon, eighteen-year-old Tate Jones meets Sam Brandis on a trip with her grandmother in London. The two fall hopelessly in love until Sam betrays Tate by revealing her deepest secret, that she’s the daughter of a famous movie star. Years later she’s the lead in a very high profile film alongside her father. There’s only one problem, Sam is the screenwriter. 

Told in the first person from Tate’s perspective, Twice in a Blue Moon is a quick read full of heart and romance. I liked Tate as a character. She is whip-smart and fiercely protective of her people and her heart. Sam I initially liked but had issues with him at various points in the books, but by the end, I really liked him and understood his motives. 

I flew through the first section of this book in one sitting. After that, it dragged for me a bit, up until the last 50 pages or so. I think that has more to do with the fact that the setting was no longer London, and the dreamy teenage romance section was over.

This was definitely one of my favorite Christina Lauren books. I highly recommend it to other fans of their books as well as fans of contemporary romance. 


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