Cupid’s Match

Cupid’s Match is the cute story of what happens when a human falls in love with Cupid. After receiving a strange series of letters in the mail, Lila goes straight to the source, Cupid’s Matchmaking Service to find out what is really going on and make the letters stop. There she finds out that cupids are actually real, and she hasn’t been matched with another human, but with Cupid himself. But this is actually against the rules, and before she knows it, Lila is in grave danger. With the help of Cal, one of the cupids, Lila is introduced to an entire mythological underworld, as she struggles to stay alive and resist the charms of the one and only Cupid.

This was a fun and light read. I thought it was cute but not very substantial. I enjoyed the touches of mythology that were sprinkled throughout. At first, I thought it would be limited to Cupid, but throughout the book they reveal more and more.

My biggest criticism was over the relationship between Cupid and Lila. There was just no chemistry there and it was not believable at all. The entire thing felt very forced as opposed to organic and destined.


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