Love Lettering

Love Lettering follows Meg Mackworth, famously known as the Planner of Park Slope. Know for her hand-lettering skills, Meg designs custom journals, artwork, and wedding invitations. When former groom, Reid tracks Meg down for hiding the word “mistake” in the invitations for his wedding, she enlists his help in a project, and the two form an unlikely friendship. But Reid is planning to leave New York by the end of summer unless Meg can convince him to stay.

One of the things I really loved about Love Lettering was how it was not at all predictable. Sure there was a cute love story in there, but the overall plot did not follow the usual course. It’s a story about two lonely people who fall in love over a series of scavenger hunts in New York City.

It started strong, drawing me in right from the beginning with its whimsical nature, but slowly lost steam as it tried to develop into a story. It almost had the feel of a short story lengthened into a novel. While it dragged a bit in the middle, it reached a point in the story where it all came together and that made it worth the wait.

Thank you to Netgalley and Kensington Books for the review copy!


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