The Queen’s Assassin

The Queen’s Assassin is a YA fantasy novel set in the fictional country of Renovia. Caledon Holt is the queen’s assassin, bound to her through a blood vow, and used to fulfill an impossible task. When he murders a traitorous prince to protect a farm girl, the queen sends him to a notorious prison to await instruction. Shadow, the girl Caledon saved, witnesses his transportation to the prison and sets out to free him. From there the two set out on a dangerous journey to protect the kingdom, and unveil the traitors. As the two grow closer, they begin to unravel a deep web of lies that threaten to destroy everything.

At first, I found the Queen’s Assassin difficult to follow. There is quite a bit of world-building and similar-sounding characters and families to keep track of. I think I read the prologue twice because it was so dense with content. Once I caught up, I found this to be a very quick and propulsive read.

It alternates perspective between Caledon and Shadow, with only Shadow’s perspective being written in the first person. I loved both Cal and Shadow, as well as their relationship.

I had never read anything by Melissa De La Cruz before this, but this certainly will not be my last! I’ve heard rumors that this is just the first in the series and I can’t wait for the next one if that’s true!

Thanks to BookishFirst and Penguin Teen for the review copy!


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