Such a fun age

Such a Fun Age follows twenty-five-year-old Emira, a young black babysitter for the affluent Chamberlain family. Emira loves babysitting inquisitive and precocious three-year-old Briar Chamberlain while she figures out what to do with her life. While babysitting one night, she is confronted by a security guard in a local supermarket. Alix Chamberlain, Briar’s mother, gets wind of the situation and becomes obsessed with making Emira feel like part of the family. When a video of that night comes to light, it unearth’s someone from Alix’s past, and makes Emira question if Alix has her best interests at heart.

I loved Such a Fun Age. I found it to be an incredibly quick read. There is very little exposition, it jumps right into the story, introducing Emira as she leaves a night out to head to babysit. It’s funny, heartwarming, and at times challenging. It focuses on themes of race, affluence, and privilege in a way that seamlessly flows into a beautiful story. The quiet hero of the story is young Briar. She’s wise beyond her years, but her individuality is seemingly only truly valued by Emira. It was heartbreaking watching as she realizes her mother does not appreciate her unique personality and individuality.

Thank you to Netgalley and Putnam for the review copy!


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