Good Girls Lie

Good Girls Lie is a classic boarding school drama and thriller with a twist. It centers around the Goode School, a famous boarding school for girls of the elite. Filled with long-held traditions, secret societies, and an infamous honor code, the Goode School prides itself on preparing exceptional girls for bright futures at Ivy League colleges. When Ash Carr arrives in Marchburg, Virginia from the U.K. in the wake of her parent’s death, she brings trouble with her that will upset the status quo at the Goode School.

Dark and twisty, Good Girls Lie has all the best elements of a teen drama and a thriller. It is told from multiple perspectives, in the first-person from Ash’s perspective, multiple other characters in the third-person, and through flashbacks to Ash’s life in the U.K. If you’ve ever read and loved the Private book series, this has similar vibes, albeit with a more grown-up feel.

I’ve never read anything by J.T. Ellison before Good Girls Lie, but this will certainly not be my last. I highly recommend this to other thriller fans!

Thank you to Netgalley and Harlequin MIRA for the review copy!


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