What To Read When: You Finish Wild At Heart by K. A. Tucker

So you’ve just finished Wild At Heart and already you’re missing Calla, Jonah, and the beautiful setting in Alaska. Oh good I’m not alone! Here’s a few books with a similar vibe that I plan to dive into! Because book hangovers aren’t meant to last forever!

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Virgin River book cover

Virgin River
Robyn Carr

When recently widowed Melinda Monroe sees an ad looking for a nurse practitioner in rural Virgin River, she picks up her entire life and moves, hopeful that the change of scenery is exactly what she needs to put her life back together. Set in a rural mountain town in California, Virgin River has many of the same elements as Wild At Heart: rural setting, close knit community, and plenty of romance. Plus it has a complementary Netflix show and it’s the first in a long series so it’ll be awhile before you feel the same woes of a finished story.

From Alaska With Love book cover

From Alaska With Love
Ally James

Also set in Alaska, From Alaska With Love is a slow burn romance. When Sara Ryan sends a postcard to the troops she doesn’t expect to hear back let alone develop a relationship with its recipient. But when her card lands in the hands of Gabe Randall, the two become pens pals while Gabe is in Iraq. But as Gabe’s tour comes to an end, the two make plans to meet in Alaska and try out their relationship for real.

Under the Northern Lights book cover

Under The Northern Lights
S.C. Stephens

When Mallory Reynolds, a wild animal photographer, flies into Alaska, her plane crash-lands. She is rescued by Michael Bradley, a mysterious mountain man living alone in the wilderness. As Mallory recovers in Michael’s secluded cabin, a deep bond forms between the pair. With a familiar feeling of romance in rural Alaska, Under The Northern Lights seems like the perfect choice to read after Wild At Heart.

Happiness For Beginners book cover

Happiness For Beginners
Katherine Center

In the wake of her divorce, Helen Carpenter signs up for a wilderness survival course in rural Wyoming. Through the trials of the wild, she learns more about herself and starts to see her life through a new perspective. Like Wild At Heart, it takes place in a remote destination and deals with the trials of living in the wild. Reviews promise it is hilarious and heartwarming.

Archer's Voice book cover

Archer’s Voice
Mia Sheridan

Set in a similar rural setting, Archer’s Voice follows Bree Prescott as she moves to the quiet lakeside town of Pelion, Maine, hoping to find some peace. There she meets Archer Hale, an isolated man facing demons of his own. Reviews promise that this is emotional and refreshing.

The Simple Wild book cover

The Simple Wild
K.A. Tucker

When in doubt, go back to the beginning and reread the original!


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