Invisible Girl

Invisible Girl Book Of the Month hardcover

Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell

Publisher: Atria Books
Publication Date: October 13, 2020
Genres: Mystery/Thriller
Amazon / Goodreads / Barnes & Noble / Google Books 

Book Review

Invisible Girl follows three different people whose lives intertwine around a single event. On Valentine’s Day, sixteen-year-old Saffyre Maddox disappears on a quiet street in London. The last person to see her was Owen Pick. Owen is a bit of an odd man. He’s a high school teacher who has recently been suspended from his job accused of sexual harassment by two female students. Thoroughly frustrated by the unfounded claims, Owen becomes involved in the “incel” community, involuntary celibates. After Saffyre goes missing, all signs point to Owen, especially from his neighbors, The Fours family, who claim he’s followed their daughter. But what really happened to Saffyre that night?

In true Lisa Jewell fashion, it had moments of being incredibly creepy. The story alternates between three different perspectives: Owen Pick, Saffyre Maddox, and Cate Fours. I found that I felt back for Owen, it definitely seemed like he just got caught in an extremely bad chain of luck. At least that’s what it seemed like at the beginning.

This was an incredibly fast-paced and gripping story. I flew through it in two days, clinging to the page for more. I have to admit that the story did not play out the way I anticipated and I found the ending somewhat disappointing, but overall I really enjoyed it!


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